December 20th, 2008
Alter Ego’s

Whats Good with everyone trying to have “Alter Ego’s”. We have Beyonce as “Sasha Fierce” and now Ciara as “Super C”. When will the madness end??

It should be about the music and not your “Alter Ego’s”. I hear that “Super C” new album will be cominc book themed and that she is trying to get a deal with Marvel Comics. Hmmm I wonder will that fall through?

While Ciara is trying to play a super hero for her album, Beyonce is trying to land the role of Superwoman for upcoming movie. I would love to see a nice cat fight from Beyonce and Ciara over the role. Who do you think would win??

I feel I need a Alter Ego…Oops I already have one… “Prototype”!

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