Big Sean releases the video to the popular single “Marvin & Chardonnay“. Being the protege of Kanye West sure does help, however Big Sean has a lane of his own. I’ve been paying attention to Big Sean and I like what I hear. Actually, I would love to hear a battle against Big Sean and J-Cole, I already have an idea of who would win…

On another note, something seemed quite familiar about the video. As our friends at mentioned “Taking a page out of Ye’s book, this video should have been titled, Gold Digger 2. Same concept, same colors, lighting and wording. If you look closely it might be the same girls.”

What Do You Think?

-Phaon Spurlock, The Southern Gentleman

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3 thoughts on “New Music Video: Big Sean x Kanye West | “Marvin & Chardonnay”

  1. Ok so yeah…I didn’t even have to watch the entire video to IMMEDIATELY see its resemblence to Golddigger. I understand that he’s Ye’s protoge and all…but what happened to originality…let’s get some Frank Ocean joints on Phaon…do you like his stuff? Have you heard of him?

    • Yup, I’m a fan of Frank Ocean. You know he is from New Orleans. Check out the “Videos” page, I have one of his videos there.

  2. ok! I’m on it…and by the way; i so love your blog
    P.S. Don’t tell the guys lol…they make kick me out of the club

    Alorna P.