wolf of wall street

Leonardo DiCaprio scores again as the official trailer launched for his latest starring role as Jordan Belfort in “Wolf of Wall Street”. The long awaited sneak peek of the Martin Scorsese film is about a stockbroker who is asked by the FBI to help them with a large-scale fraud case.

“But the shady playboy refuses to co-operate, instead throwing cash and wild parties at the problem.

Based on the real-life story of Belfort, who was jailed for money laundering in the mid-90s, the film is a tale of what happens when greed goes wrong.

Co-stars include Jonah Hill as Belfort’s best pal and Matthew McConaughey as his wacky boss Mark Hanna.” -NY Post

We can’t wait to see the movie! Money, Sex and Crime….makings of an awesome movie. Also to top it of, Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead” track is featured on the trailer.

-Phaon K. Spurlock

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