Trailer - What Goes Around Comes Around

We have the trailer for another David E. Talbert project called “What Goes Around Comes Around”. The cast includes Wesley Jonathan as Tyree Jackson (Roll Bounce), Reagan Gomez as Desirae Baxter (“Parenthood”), BeBe Drake (“Martin”) and Tico Wells (Five Heartbeats), just to name a few. In the film, lady’s man, Tyree Jackson, will entertain women suitors while his actual girlfriend is at work. Unbeknownst to him, his girlfriend, played by Desirae Baxter, is aware of what he’s been up to and plans to turn the tables on Jackson.

The spearhead of this project, screenwriter David E. Talbert, has gained 24 nominations from the NAACP including one that landed him the award Best Playwright of the Year in 2001. Some of his works include Love in the Nick of Tyme, Mr. Right Now, the Fabric of a Man, Baggage Claim and First Sunday.

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-Brian Riddick

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