March 28th, 2012
dosh Durable AERO Wallets.


Dosh Areo Wallet
The AERO wallet is an all new, super slim moneyclip wallet made from dosh’s trademark polymer materials. The AERO wallet builds on the dosh philosophy of minimalism and streamlined design, but with a slightly bigger footprint to accommodate larger currencies and those people who like to have a bit more space. The result is a truly global, go-anywhere wallet that is functional and unique. We love the durability and the styling of the dosh AERO Wallet.

Aero Wallets

Each AERO wallet is injection moulded from Desmopan, a highly durable water resist polymer material, and has a patented monocoque construction, which means there’s no stretching or elastic. All AERO wallets have an integrated, hand-nished stainless steel money clip. The collection is available in 8 unique colourways, ranging from the dark “shadow”, to the neon tones of “electro” and classic red of “wembley”. As with all dosh wallets, the AERO range is designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia.

Aero Wembley

dosh is a Sydney based designer accessories brand, founded by Henri Spaile and Mark Armstrong. The ethos of dosh is functional, minimalist products designed to streamline your life. Since the release of the first dosh range in 2008, the brand has catapulted into the limelight around the world. Made for guys with an active lifestyle and attitude, dosh wallets are now a global success story stocked in premium fashion, design and streetwear, stores around the world.

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Monocoque moulded polymer construction
Durable, water resistant material
Integrated stainless steel moneyclip
100% Recyclable
Designed and manufactured in Australia.
110mm x 81mm x 15mm

$75.00 US

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-Phaon Spurlock, The Southern Gentleman

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