November 12th, 2012
Luxe Brand to Know: SQUARE



SQUARE  is a really intriguing luxe brand that caught our attention on Instagram (IG). Founded in March of this year (2012) by fashion addicts Richard and Isabell Jennewein, this brand truly understands luxury and exclusivity. After checking out their site, we couldn’t help but to reach out to the amazing brand and find out more about its construction. We are so impressed by this brand that we wanted to a product review, so that we could experience the brand first hand, and also get to know more about the creators of this luxe brand (interview with the creators coming soon).

We were able to get our hands on the “Flamingo Summer” linen pocket square and put it to test.


The vibrant pink and simplicity of the flamingo is perfect for spring but adds a nice “pop-of-color” to your fall wardrobe.

Each pocket square is handmade in Germany and numbered to highlight its true exclusivity. Typically, there are only 15-18 pocket squares made of each design, drastically decreasing the chances that you’ll run into someone who has the same pocket square that you do.


A part of luxury aesthetics is packaging and design. Each pocket square comes in a white box with black lace. In the inside you’ll find a handwritten thank you note from the creators, which highlights the square’s unique number.


 In short, it’s like owning your own piece of exclusive art!

While you may be wondering why we chose a linen pocket square, when linen is usually seen as the ideal summer fabric. We were able to pair this lighter fabric with traditional fall colors and pieces for a simple, casual look.


Our fashion contributor, Marquelle, paired this linen eye-catcher with chocolate brown boots, tapered denim, a mustard yellow infinity scarf, an ice gray blazer, and a hunter-green inspired shirt.

How would you pair your SQUARE? 

Find out more and see more of these exclusive pieces on the SQUARE site, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (square_on).

-Marquelle Turner

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