Morgenthal Frederic MICK Sunglasses

Bill Clinton, Jay Z, Mick Jagger, Jamie Fox, Bruce Sprinsteen and Lebron James are just a few of the famous clients sporting at least one pair of Morgenthal Frederics’ “high-end optical eyewear”.  For 25 years, Morgenthal Frederics has been making eyewear that is high on design with a strong emphasis on function.  The firm handcrafts each of the frames using some of the most unique and durable materials like Japanese titanium or hand-milled buffalo horn.  Each pair is expertly hand-made in Germany and is a testament to old-school optical craftsmanship.

DUKE Morgenthal Frederic

"DUKE" Sunglasses

Eyewear has become a fashion accessory trend whether or not you are optically impaired.  These pieces of art by Morgenthal Frederics are a great option as either spectacles for reading or as shades from the sun.

Optical fashions give the wearer a fresh new look and can add to a particular clothing choice whether for the work place, an evening event or for a leisurely coffee with friends. Adding an interesting pair of glasses can really make a guy look smarter and even more debonair.

You can go online to see a variety of the M.F. line-up of eyewear designs or visit any of the Morgenthal Frederics boutiques worldwide to see even more of their designs.

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-Kevin Feather

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