Michael Bastian Fall 2012

Michael Bastian Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection was one of the best this New York Fashion Week. Bastian, winner of the 2011 CFDA Fashion Award for Menswear Designer of the Year, set out to create a collection that nods to the “Extra” men. Bastian told us backstage the inspiration behind the Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection, dubbed “The Extra Man”, came from the idea of a NYC party Goer (AKA Male Socialite). This is the man that can go from party to party and from scene to scene while dressing appropriately for each. To add background to the inspiration, a clipping of a 1974 New York Times article that highlighted New York’s most popular Extra Men including: Bill Blass, Charles Addams and William Lieberman, was added to the fashion show program.

With all of the preparation and story behind the collection we think Bastian hit it right on the head with his Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection. Plainly put, Michael Bastian gets menswear. He knows that not every man wants to wear a suit, daily. The runway show was set up that there were different scenes that featured different styles. Some of the styles that the collection incorporated were conservative gentleman, hipster, casual and preppy. Surprisingly, the different looks worked together to create quite a cohesive collection.

The collection is luxe in every sense. With fabrics such as camel hair, silk and cashmere it can’t help but be. As for accessories, Bastian used J. Frost for Michael Bastian replicated floral boutonnieres made of resin. He also used stamped crocodile belts throughtout  the show. Many of the shoes that were used were from our good friends at Stubbs & Wootton. Slippers are here to stay! Final Note: This collection is for every man, no matter your personal style preference. There is something in this collection for you.

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