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Humble in nature and gas tank full of confidence, Christian Ragin is no stranger to the world of fashion or modeling. Born in Washington, DC, but raised in the south, because of his father’s fundraising profession, he lives, breathes, and eats his goal of being a legendary model. After being discovered at a Morehouse College Homecoming Fashion Show, Ragin went on to later become signed with Elite Milano. Ragin took a few minutes to chat with LuxuriousPROTOTYPE about his journey and the runway ahead:

LuxuriousPROTOTYPE (LP): If being a successful model had a recipe, what would be the ingredients?

Ragin: It would start with a dash of confidence, which is of the most upmost importance. You’re around the most beautiful people in the world and you’ll need confidence to keep you afloat. Add in a pint of patience. Everyone’s career doesn’t explode at the same time, so patience is key in making sure you stay determined. Add in a few cups of hustle. You must be prepared at all times to fly across the world in short notice.  End with persistence and top it all off with attitude because it is everything in modeling.

LP: A lot of people see the glory behind modeling and being in print ads and runway shows, but share with us some of your story behind getting there.

Ragin: Initially, I had a problem showing my body, but with time I got over it. People see the glamorous side but overlook the long hours and the not so exciting jobs like when you’re freezing cold but you have to be in swimming trunks without shivering and posing for a great shot. To some degree, modeling is like being an actor but on a larger degree in that you become that person and evoke that feeling. Instead of acting like an athlete you become the athlete.

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LP: What are your ultimate goals as a model? Any plans of developing your own line? Starting your own agency?

Ragin: My ultimate goal as a model is to be the best model that I can be. Go places that black male models have never gone and to continue to break barriers. It’s more so about the experience. Later I’d like to transition into acting, singing, and write music. Modeling is something that I fell into but something that will lead to many more things.

LP: What has been some of your favorite brands to work with? What are some brands that you haven’t had the chance to work with but are looking forward to working with?

Ragin: My favorite brand that I’ve worked with thus far would be Versace. I’ve worked with DSquared and they are really good. Brands I would like to work with in the future are Calvin Klein and D&G.

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Ragin believes that to be in the industry you must be comfortable with who you are and you have to take care of your body. Citing modeling as a industry that is fueled by emotion, he suggests that aspiring models look at what the top models are currently doing and find a way to integrate it into their lifestyle.

LP: There are several stereotypes about male models and models in general, which can you say are definitely not true based off your experiences?

Ragin: The primary stereotype is that all male models are cocky and arrogant. In a sense, there is some truth to that because you have to carry your self in a luxurious manner. They say that humble gets no respect and that is true in this industry. Another stereotype is that the industry is ran by gay men. I would have to say that this is also true. You have to look past that and be comfortable with it. Not get into it, but be comfortable with it.

LP: If I were an aspiring model, what should I not be doing?

Ragin: My advice to aspiring models would be to remember that location is very important. The primary market for fashion models in the U.S. is NYC. Don’t spend a lot of money on pictures. Most agencies want to see clean shots. They can get a good direction from those. Don’t do anything too glamorous unless you know a renowned photographer. Get your body in the best shape. Walk into the agencies and see what response you get from them and take it from there. Anything other than that is what you should not be doing.

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LP: Some people may say, “Hey, didn’t I see him somewhere outside of the runway?”

Ragin: Yes, I’ve been in Keisha Cole’s “Trust,” Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation,” Beyonce’s “Run the World,” and more recently Miranda Brooke’s “Hater.”

Ragin is already breaking strides as one of the few black male models in Versace’s Exclusive in Milan this past summer. Look out for Ragin as conquerors the runway and fashion industry, one show at a time, slowly turning it into the Ragin Era!


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See Ragin in action in the videos below:



Versace Full Show ft Francisco Lachowski – Milan Men’s Fashion Week Spring 2012 (Ragin at 2:54 and 6:35)

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BET’s Rip The Runway 2011


Miranda Brooke “Hater” video 


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  1. Nice post! I think Really like the dialog between the interviewer and the model! Great job I love the well thought of questions by the interviewer! 😉

  2. Truly a professional. His Morehouse College education has helped to mold this man with strong christian values, self confidence, wisdom and a respect for diversity/pluralism of his fellow humans. He seems to embrace his career with love and gusto. My hope is that he will establish a TRUE long lasting RAGIN ERA that will lift the many and unlike the ERA that created the illusion of TRICKLE DOWN.