Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the Private RRL Store Opening Event in New York City. The new store is more spacious than the original Bleeker street store. The design of the store is impeccable. The store was filled with vintage lamps, old armoires, worn tapestry rugs and more. If you are new to RRL it is a brand under the Ralph Lauren umbrella, along with Rugby, Purple Label, RLX and Black Label. In my opinion RRL it’s the more rugged of the brands, think Army Surplus, Navy,  Cowboys but with a refined touched added.


After visiting the new store, I became inspired. I’ve always been known to dress more on the preppy side, however this look is a little more carefree but still has the same effect. My look for Fall 2011: Rugged Gentleman. Throughout the season I will be posting style tips on how to achieve this style with ease. For inspiration check out Ralph Lauren RRL Autumn/Winter 2011 Lookbook:


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Shouts out to Dustin

-Phaon Spurlock, The Southern Gentleman

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  1. Nothing special about this particuar label, unlike the purple, black and blue labels.