Today marks National Sleep Day and in true luxe fashion we want to highlight two of the most luxurious beds out there, for your sleeping pleasures. Savoir Beds is the ultimate name when it comes to luxurious beds and mattresses.  The custom, handmade British beds range in price from $8,000 to $75,000 and are meticulously crafted to each client’s specifications to provide the perfect combination of support, comfort and design.  The original beds date back to 1905 when a UK factory began hand-crafting and stitching box springs, mattresses and frames out of the finest materials, including tufts of hand-laid loose horsetail said to provide a better sleep.
The Savoy Hotel in London bought the factory in the 1930’s to ensure that only their guests would enjoy this opulent experience.  In 1997, CEO Alistair Hughes brought the beds to the public and over the years the brand has exploded with showrooms now in major cities around the world including London, Paris, Berlin, Miami, and New York.  They are featured in the most prestigious homes and hotels around the world including the Peninsula Hotel’s $24,000 a night Peninsula Suite in NYC. The late King of Hassan of Morocco, who traveled with his own bed, ordered 20 of the Savoir No 2 for his palace.
Savoir Bed
The construction of a Savoir Bed takes at least 80 hours to create.  The beds are complete with double-stitched 3” hair roll on the base – though in the case of Bed No. 2 “The Original” (above) the frame is of Grade 1 pine, both screwed and glued for durability, with slightly shallower hourglass springs.  The Trellis ticking, designed in 1905 by Lady D’Oyly Carte, is always cut so precisely that the jacquard pattern repeat is exactly symmetrical.

Savoir’s uniquely skilled bed-makers’ most difficult task, involves hand-tying the base springs to each other and to the frame at exactly the right tension in a radial pattern.  The technique, using a traditional oiled-flax cord endorsed by archers of the Battle of Agincourt, is not only extremely strong but also allows each spring to move as independently as possible. The slightest error in tension and the shape and comfort of the bed would be compromised. At Savoir, accuracy is all.

Savoir Bed #1

The above is the Bed No. 1. Its frame of hardwood beech has several unique features, such as dovetail joints, macassar ebony trim, suede upholstery and a flexible, hand-tied cane edge.  The latter, combined with a generous 2” hair roll with two rows of hand-stitching, gives added structure and support to the edge.  Meanwhile, the mattress-topped with a panel of high-tech stretch cotton fabric – is filled with extra-deep, high-turn pocket springs, masses of loose, curled horse-tail and double layers of carded lambs wool and kilos of pure cashmere that are included in the topper. It takes 120+ hours to construct.

Sleeping can sometimes be a luxury, so why not sleep on the best? Check out Savoir Beds at


-Phaon K. Spurlock

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