June 1st, 2011
Luxe Tip | Men’s Guide to Packing for a Beach Getaway.

Summer is around the corner and we here at LuxuriousPROTOTYPE is gearing up for many Summer Getaway trips. Check out our most recent [here]! It came to my attention when I was talking to a friend that sometimes packing for a summer getaway to the beach can be a little bit overwhelming. What if it gets chilly, what if we end up going to a beach party, etc. There are numerous what if’s, however we plan to help you out!

Summer Beach Getaway List
1. The Bag – How can you go to the beach without nothing to carry along your belongings in? This is ESSENTIAL! Example:

RL Rugby (@RugbyRL) Weathered Canvas Tote – $89.50

2. Sunscreen – Just because skin cancer is no fun 🙁
3. Towel – It beats laying directly on the sand.
4. Extra T-Shirt
5. Extra pair of underwear – Just in case the pair you are wearing gets wet.
6. Sandals – Walking barefoot is great on the beach, but what about that trip back to the car on concrete. It can get pretty hot. Protect your feet. Example:

Lacoste (@Lacoste) Barona – $23.00

7. Lightweight sneakers (preferably canvas) – Just in case you want to go to a beach party. Beats getting your toes stepped on!

Converse All-Stars – $40.00

8. Swimming trucks

Tommy Hilfiger Striped Swim Trunk – $49.00

9. Umbrella – Sometimes it rains. Be prepared!
10. Cell Phone and other electronics such as an iPod (placed in a plastic storage bag) – Because who wants to damage their beloved iPod?
11. Polo shirt  (Just in case you go into a place that insists you have on a collard shirt)- For that beach party.
12. Bug repellent
13. Sunglasses

Now that you are set, let us know what beach you are going to this summer! If you see #TeamLuxe on the beach be sure to come say Hi to us.

What Do You Think?
-Phaon Spurlock, The Southern Gentleman (@Phaon)

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