Lincoln MKZ

Ford continues to revamp its car lines and recently did a splashy re-launch of the venerable Lincoln luxury brand.  The Lincoln brand once was sought by politicians and celebrities, but today has been left in the dust by its luxe competitors.

The company’s “reinvention” of the classic brand will include four new cars over the next four years.  It started the launch with the 2013 MKZ and the MKZ Hybrid.  Using a Super Bowl ad curated by Jimmy Fallon via Tweets, this ad will definitely provide a dash of youthfulness to this granddaddy of automotive brands.  As well, Ford will be reaching back into its celebrity past, using images of former Lincoln owners like Dean Martin, Elizabeth Taylor, and Frank Sinatra.

Lincoln MKZ

Besides re-invigorating the car’s image and look, the company plans to provide top-of-the-line customer service.  New customers can expect to get “Lincoln Date Night,” which includes a dinner and weekend trip, and “Lincoln Host,” an online concierge service that will be available to both owners and those who lease the car.

Lincoln MKZ

The MKZ and MKZ Hybrid will arrive in dealerships in December. As part of the redo, Lincoln is now called the Lincoln Motor Company, the name it had when it was acquired by Ford in 1922.

-Kevin Feather

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