Luxe gents live and operate in our very own neighborhoods. To continue with our Luxe Gent series, we want to introduce you to Davidson Petit-Frere.  Davidson is a 23 year old real estate executive with plans to become a fashion designer. We wanted to know a little more about the man behind the suits, and of course, show off the suits.


LP: In three words, who is Davidson Petit-Frere and why?

DPF: I’d confidently say that I’m loyal, driven and creative. Growing up my parents preached loyalty and the great things that come along with it. If you were to ask my friends or people I have been employed by, they will all say I would do anything for them.  I am driven because everyday I wake up I look for something to keep me inspired and help me reach my goals. And in order to excel in the fashion industry you must be creative. Everyday that I get dressed is an opportunity for me to express my creativity.


LP: Tell us about your professional goals and aspirations.

DPF: My ultimate professional aspiration is to be a fashion icon brand with no limits. I believe I’ll do that with M&F, which you’ll find out more about later. We want to be a company that isn’t limited to one trade, but a master of all. When you see our name on something it signifies a stamp of perfection. The people who inspire me everyday are Tom Ford & Ozwald Boateng. TF who pushes the limits of cutting edge fashion while at the same time incorporating looks from the worlds most fashionable eras like the 1930’s 40’s and 50’s and Ozwald for his use of color and attention to tailoring detail.



LP: What does a man’s style say about him as a person?

DPF: A man’s style can you tell you a lot him. If he who respects himself, he will dress the part. To be taken seriously in any business one must value their appearance. In today’s society we are always judged first by how we carry ourselves.

LP: With that being said, what style or trend would we never catch you in?

DPF: You will never see me with a tie on loose and the collar unbuttoned. Men’s fashion to me has to be functional. If it is not functional, then you shouldn’t be wearing it. If I am going to wear a tie it is going to be tied with a crisp symmetrical Windsor knot. If I want to sit down relax and unbutton my collar, then my tie will come off!


Get to know this Luxe Gent more by following him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (davidson_frere). What do you think?

-Marquelle Turner

4 thoughts on “Luxe Gentleman: Davidson Petit-Frere

  1. Yes Davidson! I been following his IG account for awhile and I really love his style. I love his comment to “what does a man style say about him as a person”.. Which makes him more appealing . [Eye Candy]

    Great Read M. T.


  2. I appreciate Davidson’s attention to detail, fit and willingness to play with color. Often times, men feel we are stricken to certain colors, but Davidson illustrates how to be bold and still masculine. Kudos!

    I’m looking forward to seeing what he can create with his own line. Keep the features coming Team LP!

  3. I have been following Davidson on IG for some time now. His immaculate taste, attention to detail and tailoring are nothing short of perfection. A standout eye not just for trend but for a clean and precise sense of style!

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