Day & Night by Andres Prada

Last week, Thursday, November 15, Andres Prada hosted a private studio viewing and cocktail reception to showcase his latest artwork, an installation entitled Day and Night. A percentage of the event’s proceeds will benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy in New York.

Day & Night by Andres Prada
At 178 Mott Street, guests encountered a dark studio lit by spotlights affixed to the installation and a selection of Prada’s earlier work. Many of the objects available for purchase were sold prior to the viewing, according to the studio’s price list.

Day & Night by Andres Prada
The central installation constituted a double-sided painting measuring fifty-five feet in length. Unframed and hanging from the raftered ceiling, it snaked through the studio as an object suitable for encountering as sculpture. With golden earth tones on one side and turquoise jewel tones on the other, the canvas references Prada’s use of nature to explore universal dichotomies, such as good and evil (and day and night), which the artist contends “are in reality working in poetic harmony and are as necessary and natural as breathing.”

Day & Night by Andres Prada

Originally from Colombia, Prada lives and works in New York. He credits the multifaceted city as his muse and further defines his practice with a range of techniques and materials. As seen in the studio last night, paintings were shown in addition to a sculpture comprised of an embellished wooden door and a digital projection depicting views of the sun in various states of rising and setting.

Additional views of the installation may be scheduled by calling 646-377-5876.

-Justine McCullough

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