Sir Ivan's castle
This past weekend on Sunday September 1st, Sir Ivan closed out the summer giant bash titled Sinners and Sailors Soiree. The event took place at his castle which was decorated to look like a three story grey battleship named U.S.S. Sir Ivan’s Castle.
Sailors and Sinners
The dress code for the event kept with the theme as men were all in white with sailor’s hats, and women were dressed in burlesque inspired costumes.
Sir Ivan and Dina Lohan

Sir Ivan and Dina Lohan

Some of the guests that evening were Dina Lohan, George Wayne, CBS’s Bart Scott (a former NY Jet) and Hollywood Movie Producer John Jacobs.  Guests sipped on XB’s new Sex on the Beach cocktail which matched the nautical theme perfectly.
Bart Scott (L), Sir Ivan, Kerwin Rigaud

Bart Scott (L), Sir Ivan, Kerwin Rigaud

Later in the evening, Admiral Sir Ivan had a surprise for his guests. He called through a giant megaphone “All Hands on Deck! We are under attack! Man your battle stations!” Red lights were shining, sirens blaring and under his command, brightly lit yellow glow sticks torpedoed from his battleship castle above into his pool.
Sir Ivans Castle
Sir Ivan shared with his guests, “ I wish we were in a world where wars were fought with glow sticks,” and  thanked his guests for supporting his non-profit organization, the Peaceman Foundation, which battles hatred, violence and P.T.S.D., all year and to support Wounded Warriors.
Sir Ivan and Phaon Spurlock

Sir Ivan and Phaon Spurlock (Editor-in-Chief of LuxuriousPROTOTYPE)

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