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If you’ve flipped through E! or know anything about Kourtney Kardashian, you couldn’t help but to notice her outspoken, well-to-do fiancé Scott Disick. While many stopped to figure out why Kourtney hasn’t packed her Birkin and headed toward a stress free life, others have wondered, “How can I dress like, Scott?”

Disick, a native of Long Island, New York, is a GNC executive who manages brands that create strategies for wellness brands like QuickTrim, Rejuvacare, and Monte Carlo Perpetual Tan. In addition to his contributions to the wellness community, Scott has created a buzz on the Meatpacking District scene with his swank eatery, RYU. Scott’s ability to blend timeless pieces while still exploring modern trends keeps his name highlighted on any best dressed list for men in the public eye.

LuxuriousPROTOTYPE, too, has noticed Scott’s affinity for style and has highlighted four of our favorite looks, describing why Scott deserves a spot on our inaugural class Best Dressed Luxe List. If you’re looking for a way to keep up with Scott’s style, Instagram won’t be the way. He recently tweeted that he doesn’t have an official page, but you can stay connected through his entertaining Twitter page here.

Scott Disick

Disick’s Gear: Tailored, black suit with wide peak lapels, crisp white button up, and colored pocket square

Timeless: Tailored black suits and crisp white button ups are multifunctional, provides multi season versatility, and have been in style since your grandfather’s father’s father was first born.

Trend: The colored pocket square adds a “pop of color” to the usual timeless look, updating his style, yet still displaying a globally acceptable look.


Disick’s Gear: Pastel pink linen suit, chocolate brown loafers, and pink wide knot tie

Timeless: Linen suits will be in style as long as there are hot summer months. The lightweight fabric wrinkles easily, but provides effortless style.

Trend: Loafers without socks are popular in metropolitan areas where businessmen wear suits year-round. The pink on pink on pink (suit, shirt, and tie) is the reemerging trend of monochromatic color structure, blending colors of similar hues.


Disick’s Gear: Glen check plaid suit with peak lapels, grey scarf with navy emblems, white French cuff button up shirt, and a green and blue paisley tie.

Timeless: Every man should have at least one French cuff shirt and a pair of versatile cuff links.

Trend: Peak lapels are beginning to come back, but this time thinner. Scott’s ode to the peak lapel is evident in our first highlighted look, too. Scarfs are typically seen as an outwear piece and worn on top of a coat, but it is becoming more popular to wear it as an accessory to a suit. Scott’s use of the gray (the most popular neutral color in men’s wardrobing) expresses his ability to mix patterns and color palettes confidently.


Disick’s Gear: White polo, shorts, electric blue sweater, and driving moccasins

Timeless: The white polo and throw over sweater could easily transition into a casual lunch meeting by adding on a pair of brown loafers and trim cut khakis or courds.

Trend: Scott took a classic prep style and traveled around the world. The mustard yellow moccasins and electric blue sweater provide the über popular color-blocking trend, while the shorts give a casual play on the new fall trend, blanket stripes.

What’s your favorite timeless and trend mix?

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  1. Awesome article. i’ve noticed Scott’s wardrobe for a couple years now. His fashion coordinates elements that are ornate yet simple. I agree his ensembles are timeless. The mustard color mocassins are spectacular. Great analysis.

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