Gilded Age Fall 2012

The prevailing inspiration for Gilded Age Fall 2012 Presentation was “Speed”. Speed as in motorcycles and fast cars. Think old school bikers with leather jackets, worn denim and a carefree attitude. The inspiration for the collection was drawn by exploring the rebellious and restless nature of a man, his raw and youthful defiance and yearning for new horizons.

The inspiration was carried out by use of distressed and selvage denim, worn in leather jackets juxtaposed to soft luxurious fabrics such as Peruvian wild cottons, baby alpacas, Italian cashmere and satin. Color played a major role in keeping true to the inspiration. The main color used in the collection was black followed by gray. The colors of the collections created a dark and moody feel that complimented the overall theme.  The collection also has a splash of color with pops of burnt orange and burgundy, which immediately grabs your attention.

Gilded Age Fall 2012

For the Fall/Winter 2012 collection, Gilded Age featured UGG for Men footwear highlighting the brand’s most iconic American boot silhouettes, the Stoneman, Hannen and Montgomery. Final note – Bad Ass meets Casual.

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