Michael Bastian for GANT Spring/Summer 2013

Taking a island prep approach to fashion, designer Michael Bastian, uses the Galapagos Islands as inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection of GANT by Michael Bastian. A little biology/history lesson, if you will. Galapagos Island was famously “discovered” and studied by Charles Darwin in the 1830’s. The islands’ untouched volcanic terrain and indigenous species led to the the explorer’s groundbreaking theory of evolution.

“I love the notion that an inquisitive mind can generate these big, radical ideas,” said Bastian. “Just look at Darwin, whose observations of this wild environment turned into a theory that changed the world. It’s a true testament to the power of remaining curious and forcing yourself to see and experience new things.”

Michael Bastian for GANT Spring/Summer 2013

The colors of the Spring/Summer collection of GANT by Michael Bastian takes from the scenery and the wildlife of the island. With muted shades of blue, gray, taupe and green, as well as shocks of bright yellow, orange, red and turquoise the collection is both festive and airy.  For all you GANT fans, this collection included the signature camo and overdyed madras blazers.

Photos: Wade Phillips

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