Recently, tailors on Savile Row presented “The English Gentleman”, an homage to classic British styling. Savile Row, located in central London, is known for bespoke tailoring.

The presentation really captured the essence of a well dressed gentleman. Some of the outfits are almost dandy-eqsue, with soft pastel pants and cream colored blazers. Gentleman, take note of the cut and fit of the outfits. This is what bespoke is about. Creating pieces that are truly unique to the indiviual, while complimenting ones body type.

Amazing work!

The English Gentleman-3

The English Gentleman-2

The English Gentleman-1

The English Gentleman-10

The English Gentleman-5

The English Gentleman-6

The English Gentleman-9

The English Gentleman-7

The English Gentleman-8

The English Gentleman-11

The English Gentleman-13

The English Gentleman-12

Be on the look out for our upcoming article on how to achieve the looks above from brands found in the United States.


Photos by: Maria Scard

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