February 10th, 2013
York St. by J. Press


J. Press, the American menswear company that has been the “tailor-of-choice” to generations of Ivy League men, shows off a new “younger” side. With the launching of their new shop, York Street, the brand introduces new slimmer fits and unexpecting fabrics choices. The collection was designed by Creative Directors Ariel and Shimon Ovadia.

With other preppy stores popping up with a younger prep feel, such as Ralph Lauren’s Rugby and Brooks Brothers Flatiron Shop, we knew it wouldn’t be long that J. Press would follow suit. With its long history of making great preppy clothes for college students and business men, we are sure that York St. will be a success. We look forward to following them on their new journey.

Check out the collection below:

-Phaon K. Spurlock

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