Bad weather, fish and chips, Mary Poppins, you know London. The capital of the old continent is long known for far more than that. Including an intriguing vibrant subculture of fine libations – the cocktail. No better example of this is one of the very creators of this exciting new world, Alex Kratena of the Artesian at Langham London (rated world’s best bar). A well-traveled mixologist, a fine gentleman of luxury and taste that in the cocktail world is nothing short of poet status. He has crafted cocktails in many countries across the globe, well versed in establishments from cyber-trance-clubs to Michelin star restaurants.



He has easily won almost every award in his craft out there. Mr. Kratena is a new world form of dandy with an air of precision and flair when mixing and chatting alike. He is an active participant (often winner) in the Tales of Cocktails competitions. He will be visiting our fine country this spring on April 2-4 at Measure at Langham Place. Mr. Kratena has created cocktails; each inspired by the socio-political history, culture and mores of the city. Social Club for Pasadena, Back to the Future for Chicago (Telisker 18YO, port, chocolate bitters, I will take three of those and show the world how to dance), Skylines for Boston and Lady Pink for NYC.

The craftiness of those is worthy of Picasso – if he were a mixologist. So let’s welcome Mr. Kratena once again to the New World and thank him for adding another reason, for us cocktail patrons, to smile. For the next time I go to a cocktail bar (certainly this week) I will already know the recipe of Back to the Future by heart and will be one of those mildly difficult customers with a custom request. Because I want to recreate that moment of emotional frontiers when I first tasted scotch at its best. To cocktails, to Scotland and to mixing. Cheers!

— Milen Vasilev

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