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The LuxuriousPROTOTYPE team attended the Tulpenbal in Amsterdam which ran from March 31st, April 2nd, 2017, and had a fabulous time that we cannot wait to experience again, next year! The ball benefited STICHTING HET VERGETEN KIND a very worthy Dutch charity and this years ball raised over 3300 Euros for the organization. Check out a fun video featuring the three days’ worth of activity can be found here!

See below a special message from the organizers

The stated goal of the organizers  was to host an annual ball in the Netherlands which is organised for—and is warmly received– by all generations. Our foremost aspiration is to revive old traditions with a splash of contemporary youthfulness. Just as in the best traditions of years gone by, we wish to encourage our youth to dance, socialize, exchange ideas and goodwill—and not only with their peers, but also with other generations.  This we believe to be the best way to commemorate our ancient heritage while ensuring its relevance for today.  Furthermore, as friendship knows no bounds, so our guest list for this splendid weekend is open to friends from Europe and further afar. Together we will be able to celebrate and to appreciate the genuinely open culture of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. And to add to this special weekend of good music, food and drinks… tulips will certainly not be missing!

Yours sincerely,

The Organising Committee
Thomas Stoop, Zwentibald van Blokland, Emiel Blomme, Clemens van Steijn and Michael Duke of Mecklenburg

Tulip Garden Party

Tulip Garden Party

Tulips Everywhere

Sherniece Campbell, Allison Ecung, Guest and Gemma Thomas at the Grand Ball

Sherniece Campbell, Allison Ecung, Guest and Gemma Thomas at the Grand Ball

Tulip Newspaper

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