Ciro’s – Tampa’s Finest Speakeasy

ciros supper club

Tucked away behind a gate in the SoHo section of Tampa, Florida sits Ciro’s Speakeasy and Supper Club, serving up some of the best craft cocktails in Florida. The location is only accessible for those who call ahead, make a reservation, and receive the password .The Supper Club menu is expansive and offers everything from Gruyere Fondue to cumin marmalade infused Bone Marrow to duck fat fries and more.

Ciro’s serves up prohibition era cocktails with a heavy emphasis on whiskey and gin based cocktails; these cocktails run the gamut from being made with whipped egg whites to being garnished with all manner of fruits and fresh herbs. There are house rules in place and strictly enforced to keep the atmosphere exclusive, cozy and reminiscent of a prohibition era drinking establishment. The first of which is the first rule of Ciro’s- knock and speak easy to gain entrance, this is not the location for those who tend to over imbibe and become the life of the party.

The Space

Ciro’s is quite small but the space is used in a very smart way. There is a bar, then a small lobby/lounge area with tables and a couch or two, then a line of private booths, which seat 5 comfortably. The booths, which line a walk way, have gauzy white curtains which allow you close yourself away from the other patrons and provide you and your companion with privacy; you’re effectively in your own private space.


Libations and Bites

The Blackberry Bramble cocktail is billed as an “adult snow cone” with gin, sugar, lemon, blackberry and Crème de Mure served over crushed ice. This cocktail was a win, the fruity flavor was just right and it was not too sweet. Also of note, is the Russian Punch, which packs quite a punch and is reminiscent of strong, yet refreshing lemonade.

ciros tartare

The steak tartare is served with a liberal amount of crushed black pepper and a fried quail egg on top, which should be mixed into the dish for maximum flavor.

The duck fat fries are a savory mix of Parmesan cheese and truffle oil and where a tad bit soft but it didn’t detract from the dish in a major way. Ciro’s is well worth a stop on your next visit to Tampa, as much for the food and drink as the atmosphere.

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