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In this election cycle, there’s been a lot of talk about one candidate’s installation of an elevator to move his cars from the basement to the garage.  But, his car garage looks like a poor man’s version of some new luxury garage space — Singapore style.  Singapore has long been a home to the world’s wealthier set.  In fact, if all trends continue, this tiny Southeast Asian nation is set to become the wealthiest country in the world by 2050.

Being a small country, space is always at a premium.  To cater to luxe clients, one of the country’s property developers has come up with a unique way to solve the problem of dark underground garages and slow parking valets.

The Hamilton Scotts, is the first luxury high-rise to offer “Sky Garages” in Asia.  The innovative system moves a resident’s Lamborghini or Maserati from the ground level directly to the owner’s personal en suite sky garage.

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An easy system to figure out and is entirely automated.  The owner pulls into the designated elevator, utilizes the biometric system to initiate the process.  The unique biometric feature is designed so that a penthouse owner’s Bentley doesn’t end up  in a less refined space.  Once the owner has keyed in their thumbprint, the car is carefully lifted to their apartment and then deposited in the glass enclosed sky garage, next to the living area of the unit.

The units in this unique living space start around $7.5 million and can reach prices north of $20 million.

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-Kevin Feather

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