With the inherent risk that’s associated with the financial markets, comes the awesome opportunity to accumulate wealth. This simple concept of risk vs. reward is reiterated time and time again. Often popular culture depicts the greedy albeit well–dressed (very well-dressed actually) bankers that are all about making money at the detriment of the public. This unfortunate and dramatic depiction may be good for Hollywood, but it hasn’t helped the psyche of the common investor.  This mentality has kept many would be investors on the sidelines and caused them to miss some of the market momentum that has occurred recently. However, it is incumbent for the forward thinking professional man to take the lead when it comes to personal finance and consider investment opportunities that have and will always exist.

With the myriad of investment options out there, how do you decide which is best for you? You can always be a “DIY” investor and grab an investment book from your local bookstore. You can listen to the talking heads on the cable networks about the new “hot stock tip” or you can seek the advice of a competent, reputable financial advisor.  All three options involve education and keeping an open mind when it comes to the markets and investing.  Everyone and especially the professional man should strive to be financially savvy. After all, truly living luxuriously requires it.

-Feraud Calixte

Blogger, philanthropist, husband, and financial advisor passionate about finding unique solutions for each and every client.

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