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As travelers, there are many places we visit that we enjoy, but there only a handful that we absolutely love. I’ve definitely found one of my loves and it’s the Caribbean island of Nevis. I previously wrote an article about my first time on the island, check it out “Why You Should Visit Nevis – West Indies | “Queen of the Caribees”. I recently had the opportunity to re-visit this wonderful island as part of a group trip experience and here are my recent top picks:


Hamilton Beach Villas and Spa

If you want the condo feel, this is the place for you. Located on prime beach front property and the Caribbean Sea, this complex is perfect for a large group looking to take in all the lushness of the island. The condo that I had was a massive two-bedroom villa with two terraces, and a rooftop deck, perfect for catching the sunset and entertaining. The kitchen was large enough to prepare a feast for 6+ friends.


Lime Beach Bar

Lime BEach Bar Nevis

This bar is one of my favorites for a mixture of good food and dancing. The bar now serves sushi! Yes, the only place on the island that sells it and it quite delicious. At night, the bar turns into a dance hall scene with locals and tourists swaying to classic Caribbean music and new top 40 hits.

Yachtsman Grill

yachtsman grill nevis

This place has it all! Do you want traditional food to the island? They have it! Do you want pizza? They have it! Also, what’s great about this restaurant is the proximity to the water. In front of the bar is a beach with reclining beach chairs and umbrellas that are only footsteps from the water. Did I mention that the wait staff service extends to the beach? You practically never have to leave your beach chair. A rum punch, please!

yachtsman grill nevis


Sit out on the porch of this former estate and have a feast fit for a king. This restaurant offers several different options of eating al fresco. I prefer the front porch or the roof terrace. Make sure to try the Nevisian Goat Water. It’s like a stew that is phenomenal.

Sunshine’s Beach Bar and Grill

sunshines beach bar and grill nevis

This is another favorite of mine. I go here for some of the most authentic food on the island and the “Killer Bee” cocktail. The “Killer Bee” is hands down my favorite cocktail on the island. Now, as a fair warning, you may want to ease into this drink, don’t get stung by it. It packs a powerful punch that can have you, how shall I say, shit faced!

Turtle Time Bar and Grill

This is a new spot that has all the fixings of great food, bar selection, music and close proximity to the beach. The restaurant is open air, so you can catch the breeze from the Caribbean Sea.


Nature Walk at Mountravers Estate

MountTravers Nature Walk

This is the perfect morning hike. Walk through a wooded path to the amazing site of the Mountravers Estate. The estate is currently undergoing revitalization, so you will more than likely catch some of the crew working on the property. Be sure to put on mosquito/bug spray.

MountTravers Nature Walk

Chapman’s Stone Art

Chapman’s Stone Art

If you want a truly unique gift, stop by Chapman’s Stone Art for one-of-a-kind stone works of art.

Botanical Garden Tour

Nevis Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is beyond breathtaking! Take in the lush garden slowly as you walk through the various sections of the former estate. When you are done, walk to the main house for some amazing Thai food while looking upon the island from the high elevation.

Nevis Botanical Garden

Charming Charlestown

charlestown, nevis

Take a stroll through Charlestown and read the historical plaques to learn more about this charming “downtown” area. If you are a fan of the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton”, then make sure to stop by the house Alexander Hamilton was raised in.

Nevis Craft House/Artisan Village

Nevis Artisan Village

I’m big on supporting local businesses everywhere I go. The Nevis Craft House and Artisan Village are two great places to visit if you want hand made gifts for your loved ones or keepsakes for your home. The gifts range from masks, jewelry, paintings, rugs, chairs, clothes, and more.

Funky Monkey Tour

funky monkey atv tour

Do you have the urge for adventure, while checking out a nice scenery? The Funky Monkey ATV tour is definitely for you. This tour takes you around the island, with a cold beer in hand. It’s perfect for the hop on/hop off experience so that you make sure you get that perfect shot for Instagram.

For more information about Nevis, please be sure to check out Nevis Tourism Authority:

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