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Call it fashion, call it technology, but most detractors of’s new camera add-on to the iPhone are calling it far from functional, not hip, and definitely not chic.  To be fair, his detractors are in the tech space and perhaps don’t appreciate the fashion element in the singer’s approach to adding technological bling to a smart phone.  CNET described it as something “scraped off the bottom of the shoes of Liberace” and Apple-friendly “” called it “something that you’ll never want to own.”

Critics aside, is not only a musical talent, but he’s also an entrepreneur who is obsessed with technology.  He has been a vocal promoter of the STEM coalition that seeks to promote teaching science, technology, and math to American students and to encourage them to pursue these fields. c4

The product had a British launch in late 2012 in London’s high-end Selfridges.  The foto.sosho is a device that attaches to the iPhone4 & iPhone5 transforming it into a camera that is super-charged.  It includes a keyboard, lenses that are interchangeable, a built-in flash, features for editing photos, filters, and apps that make it simple to tag and then share photos on various social media sites. v4

The C.4 model sells for about $320 and is a simple black design.  The white V.4 model, is priced around $475 and has added pizzazz – gold trim. isn’t phased by his critics in the tech space.  He believes it provides a fundamental tech addition to the iPhone, but more importantly is a fashion statement that should be worn around the neck with pride.  He was seen at London Fashion Week sporting the V.4 around his neck at several runway shows.

-Kevin Feather

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